birds taking flight near face rock, oregon

this one is for all those moments we spend with halfway outstretched wings.

these are the times when we can tell by the looks around us that people can’t tell if we are coming or going and to be honest, we aren’t quite sure either.  when taking off and crashing down looks a little bit like the same thing, we hover awkwardly, making hasty decisions when we should consider more angles or maybe being way too hesitant and “missing the moment”.  these are the times we wrestle with ourselves, with the way we’ve always done things and the new ways in front of us, and maybe even shake a fist in the air because we get tired of waiting for answers.

when God moves on your heart, you don’t always make the right choices.  just because you hear Him speak doesn’t mean heavenly wisdom drops down from heaven and saves you from speaking too much, too soon, and too harshly.  just because you see miracles being done and it is every bit as mind-blowing as you imagined it would be doesn’t mean that you’re immune from your lifelong vice of being a control freak over trivial things.  God-given vision for a new future doesn’t protect you from selfishness, pride, fear or apathy, and sometimes we give in and let these things rule for a day, or a season.

but that’s ok.  because whether we are taking off, or landing, or changing directions suddenly, we are moving.  moving with our Father and our flock towards freedom and adventure and a newness of life that might require some awkward stumbling is WORTH IT.  we are moving in a complete drenching of radical grace, with second and third chances, seventy seven times seven chances, grace that carries us through each day that we crash and burn.

once in a while, we do catch that fresh wind just at the right moment and up we go, answers in hand, full of vision and determination, skyline crystal clear with endless possibility, thanking God every moment of that season for letting us experience flight as we were intended.

but if today is not that day, it’s okay.  we can enjoy the evening air and the magic of the setting sun and relish in the endless love of the One who not only gave us wings to fly, but feet to land on when we need to be on solid ground.


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